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Fishing charter Sydney harbour

Baby bull shark – free to bite another day!

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The last five days have produced some of the best and worst sessions for many keen anglers. But the anticipation of a good fish or the heartbreak or a lost prize just keeps the flame burning! We’ve had good catches of jew and kingfish, including some much larger specimens. Try any headland or deep drop off and the kings will eventually swim by. From the looks of the surface action you would think the schools of summer pelagic’s have packed up and moved on. But look under the surface (with the sounder) and they’re still there in big numbers, just lurking in deeper water in the bottom five meters of the water column. Tragically, the mixed schools of kings, jewfish and sharks on the sounder make better viewing than Game of Thrones!

Fishing charter Sydney Harbour

Christine’s happy

Fishing charter Sydney Harbour – Baits and plastics.

Soft plastics are still a great option, it seems the kings have gone off the Slapstick’s, but working small paddle tails along the bottom with a slow retrieves was dynamite for flathead. Try along the sandy drop offs and weedy edges.  Slow turns on your egg beater with the occasional lift will eventually produce the goods. Some nice jewfish fell to large Vibes this week, so find the baitfish and try your luck.

What’s hot?

By far the best fishing this week has been on bait. As always the standout has been fresh or live squid, caught at the beginning of the trip. But the king-of-baits has been cuttlefish. Maybe the rat kingies haven’t developed a taste for cuttlefish,  but the big boys cruising the depths underneath the schools can’t go past them. If you’re anchored burly is critical. Times spent getting your burly trail going can pay off in dividends, kings, sharks…everything loves a burly trail.

Squid jigging is an art form and getting the jig down to the weed beds is critical in slow conditions and if it’s really slow, a small amount of burly can turn it around quick-smart. It’s also  important to stay in contact with the jig as it sinks down. If you’re bringing them up to the surface but they won’t grab hold, try a smaller jig or even a baited jig – they love a nice pilchard.

Fresh chunks of chicken thigh is on the menu for the local bream. If you want to get technical marinate overnight in Parmesan cheese and garlic – and you can BBQ anything left over!

Fishing charter Sydney Harbour – On the fly.

We can’t have everything good and it’s been a frustrating week on fly. With surface action events few and far between, timing and location were critical. Most fish this week have been caught well below the surface on heavy sinking lines dropped to the bottom and pulled vertically through schooling kings. The exception was the frigates, when getting a quick cast out as they powered past produced the goods. Even still, some days were better than others but a lot of flies were ignored, and the bite window was really small; you really had to pick your location and tide. Even still, a well placed Surf Candy still attracted a take. But be prepared to put in the time and wait it out. Weighted Clousers worked slowly along the bottom nailed bream, flathead and flounder.

Fishing charter Sydney Harbour – Moon and tides.

With the new moon waning, the tides for the coming week are looking pretty flat with only about one meter of movement at best. As usual this has positives and negatives. But time your fishing around these and you will have more success. Check them out on WillyWeather

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Fishing charter sydney harbour

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