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Flyboat fishing charter Sydney Harbour

Asami’s king on fly

Sydney Harbour Fishing Charter – Fly, lure and bait.

Rain, dirty water, debri… none of these could stop the bite this week on the Sydney Harbour fishing charter scenep. The fishing is just next level right now. With the cold water filling the harbour you might expect the fishing to slow right down. In fact the opposite is happening. Kingfish, snapper and the humble bream and flathead are all about in good numbers.

Sydney Harbour Fishing Charter – on the fly.

Over the last few weeks I think I have landed more  65cm+ kingfish than over the whole of last summer. I know they can grow quickly but some of this has to be migration. The sheer numbers that are still hanging around markers, headlands, and reefs is phenomenal. Best of all, they are hungry and not afraid to take what’s on offer.

Its still all about fast sinking lines and vertical retreave with fly choice anything big, bulky, and heavy. Colour  didn’t seem to make a difference even with the dirty surface layer. Fish were caught on every colour in the box. We’ve caught s heap of fish on fluro green Barra bunnies, white and yellow clousers, and even the hot pink lefty deceiver earnt its place in the mix – in the end I was changing fly to see what wouldn’t work!

Leader length hasn’t been too crucial either. For hungry kings, 9 foot has been fine. Is it time to maybe add some pounds to your leader strength? We got reefed a few times on 20lb test over the last few days so will up that to 25 or 30 to add some stopping cofindence. It might even be worth bringing out a 12wt 40lb leaders with all the 1 metre plus fish being caught.

Salmon have been showing up here and there and have been great fun on light gear.  Surf candies and other small bait patterns have been really successful for these. The main harbour has been a bit quiet in terms of large schools but the fish are around in small numbers.  If you can’t see fish moving try trolling your fly around for a bit to find where the fish are hanging out. Further down the estuary you can find schools harassing bait against structure and the shore. But the action can be sporadic – always best as you reach the top of the tide.

Flyboat fishing charter Sydney Harbour

In between squalls

Soft plastic.

It’s been mostly fly this week but I’m going through a Japanese tai rubber stage. I can’t for the life of me think of the real name but basically a sliding weight pulling squid like tentacles and hooks. Working them slowly up on down on a drift has been producing nice pan size fish. So watch this space for a middle harbour beast ( fingers crossed) – I’ll try and find a YouTube post for a better understanding.

Sydney Harbour Fishing Charter – Moon and tides.

The run up to the new moon has been memorable. One of many theory’s regarding pelagic’s like kingfish and the full moon is that they can feed during the night and are less aggressive during the day when we are on the hunt. So maybe the opposite is true with the new moon.  I  still prefer a new moon for jewfishing but more because of tide size and time. Then add into the equation moon rise and set times and local conditions….

Some great looking tides this week and with winds to match it should be a great week of fishing.

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Flyboat fishing charter Sydney Harbour

Salmon on fly