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It’s hot in the city and the fish are out for a play! Sorry for the long wait between posts, a trip to Ireland to catch up with family and friends with my beautiful daughter in tow, some great drift boat pike fishing, and then straight back into every-good-weather-day charters, a break on the south coast for Xmas, and solid bookings ever since – no time. Book now to grab one of the last of the summer spots before “Autumn”,

What’s hot in Sydney Harbour?

Well, when I first got back, not much. I thought I’d left my mojo on the drift boat back in the Emerald Isle, but no sooner than I was off to look for it, than it found me again and we were into the fish big time.

The harbour is full of big schools of salmon, tailor, bonito and kingfish – and I mean big schools, right now. After the heavy rain and storms of recent weeks, the baitfish have moved in, the moon’s right, and the stars aligned. Rarely have we seen so much whitebait, those precious little nuggets of protein that all the predators love to smash up.

I’d like to tell where they are, but a) that would giving the game away, and b) the damn things can be miles apart on different days, and even different tides on the same day. On tides, this week hasn’t been at all cool with hardly any range.  For those who obsess about water temperature, we’ve been on 24 degrees C all week.

Over the holidays it’s been all about the kids having a ball, away from their devices, socials, and Playstations. Old fashioned fun!

Kids fishing on Sydney Harbour - Flyboat fishing charters

It’s all been about the kids catching fish and having a ball!

Hot tip for Sydney Harbour fishing.

This weeks’ hot tip is follow the birds – either that or invest in a high resolution drone so you can see what the birds see. Just follow the birds, they’re very good at finding the bait.

Sydney Harbour fly fishing.

Kingies, salmon, and bonito have all been good marks to chase, with plenty of fish for the gun casters. The boys from Mako sunnies were out during the week and had a ball. They know what they’re doing. For trouties thinking of a saltwater excursion, Google ‘strip-strike’ or even better, just watch Gunnar Brammer.

Sydney Harbour lure fishing.

Calamari and cuttlefish are around in good numbers on jigs, with a few arrow squid in the deeper water. There are really good numbers of good size trevally around, for the harbour that will grab almost anything. This great Cobia was caught by a Russian visitor to our lovely city.

Cobia Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour Cobia – not our usual catch, but we’ll take it.

Fishing gear for Sydney Harbour.

Whatever you need, Compleat Angler George Street in the City and Villawood for the best advice, and the best fishing gear. Thanks to Minn Kota and Lowrance who make fishing easy. Spot locking on the best marks, using the jog feature to nudge the boat into the best position as the tides change, and watching the fish chase the fly or lure is pretty damn cool.