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Number 1 Sydney Harbour Fishing Report – Have An Awesome Autumn 2024

By 13 April 2024No Comments

Sydney Harbour Fishing – It’s been going off!

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, whenever you get a chance, get yourself onto Sydney Harbour for some of the best fishing in Australia.

There’s no better way to do that than on a charter with me. I will go the extra mile to get you onto big fish. If they’re out there, we’ll give them a red hot tickle! Make a note to regularly check out the latest Sydney Harbour fishing report to get the latest information on what to do and how to do it. I don’t keep secrets very well! GET IN TOUCH.

Sydney Harbour Fishing – What happened to summer?

Well, for one it was very wet. Despite the ‘technical’ El Nino we’ve had above average rainfall, above average wind, pretty much above average everything. Even so the fishing has been solid, with excellent kings, salmon, bonito, flathead, bream, snapper, jew, squid and all the minor species.

Our best day was eleven different species. For those of you who’ve been asleep we’ve had a government ban on keeping Blue Grouper which is kind of nice because they get pretty tame and the divers love them (even if there is no biological reason). Blame rogue spearos and fishos for their illegal fishing and greediness. If you’ve fished with me you know I’ve always tried to release them anyway. Overall, a good call I reckon.

Sydney Harbour Fishing – Autumn’s here.

First thing, I love it when daylight saving ends and we get that extra hour of morning light. This always coincides with extra salmon and kingfish activity as the baitfish swarm into the harbour to do their breeding thing.

Those of you who follow my socials will have seen some amazing bust-ups as we scrounge around looking for hotspots and hookups. You’d think the whole harbour was full of fish, but I assure you most of this is local knowledge and expert techniques that get us where we need to be when we need to be there.

The Easter long weekend and the school holidays has been a mess this year with it all being so spread out and weeks apart. What Einstein came up with that idea?

Sydney Harbour Fishing – Offshore

If you were wondering where I was last week I went a bit off grid and took the opportunity to get twenty miles offshore for a private-fish-day where I found an uncharted FAD loaded with Dolphin Fish. It chopped up on the way home which was pretty unpleasant but what a blast. I’ll post the GPS for the FAD on my Instagram account if anyone is interested. It’s not a real secret… I was not alone out there!

On the fly on Sydney Harbour

Fly fishing for salmon has been awesome, and for kingies has been pretty darn good too! I always have to say a little prayer that the salmon schools will stay around and stay up; and a few curses on the weekend when everyone is roaring around putting the schools down when if they were just patient and quiet… grr….  Fish the run out tides for the best action. The best fly is the one that will catch fish on the day – and to work that out for salmon start small, white, and get bigger; then back to small, and change colour, pattern, and size. The Lonks patterns from Compleat Angler, starting with Surf Candy, and giving the Bleeding Finger a red hot go; clousers (everyone knows I love chartreuse), or anything ugly, big and bulky that looks like bait food, especially for the kingies.

Lure and bait on Sydney Harbour

I know I keep on about these, but white slugos, jerk shads, and hard body minnows are just the best. Cast them towards structure mix up your retrieve and hang on! Always try a fast wind with hard stops, then fast wind – this seems to wind them up (sorry) to the “just can’t stand it any more” stage before they attack. Pilchard cubes are the best for burleying up and almost anything will come to the back of the boat if you’re in the right spot.  Trevally and small kingies seem particularly interested and the bonito can almost be hand fed. Freshly caught squid are the most bestest bait in the known universe. Learn how to catch squid if you haven’t already got that sorted.

Fish all the well known marks but find your fish on your sounder. My Lowrance is just awesome.

Nothing like a Sydney Harbour kingy to get you smiling!

There are a lot of people around right now so keep a close eye on other boats – they’re not all as considerate as you are! When you’re chasing bust ups, don’t drive at the school, work out their direction and get there quietly first so you can ambush them. If you can drift onto them with the wind and the judicious use of the Minn Kota that’s fantastic. The jog function on the Ulterra is awesome for those fine-tune movements for the perfect drift.

For the best tackle, and real time fishing advice talk to the team at Compleat Angler in Sydney

If you want to organise a charter, call Stephen on 0422 709 139.

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(P.s. if you love a good yarn, listen to Scott Levi on the ABC Big Fish podcast)