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Flyboat fishing charters Sydney

Sydney harbour snapper

After the madness of the Easter period there had defiantly been a transformation underway. Things have started to settle in to a steady flow of fussy kingfish and a barrage a hunger snapper.

Snapper fishing inside the Harbour is starting with a bang. Plenty of plus size snapper are showing up. Get yourself a good fish finder and look for marks around bait schools and deep holes.  Drifting over a promising area with soft plastic is working a treat right now. The fish are also taking fresh squid on the drift. Although the larger fish have been caught using large paddle tails left to its own devices.

If your under anchor or a mooring. Get a solid burly trail going and drift behind unweighted pilly cubes or squid strips and your bound to hook up. One key factor to getting good snapper inside the Harbour is to fish light. 12lb braid and 10lb flourcarbon leader is more than enough for even a beginner to handle a good size snapper. Make sure you set your drag right and be patient.  But as always mix it up until you find what works.

Along with snapper large flathead are still around in good numbers. They generally hanging around the same places you will find the snapper.

On fly

The Kingfish are still around but there feeding times have become very picky. I fished one school of kings for 3 hrs throwing every fly  in the box for zero. I stopped there again a few hrs later  On he way back home and cleaned up. You have to get your fly right in front of there noses and that means going deep and fishing heavy.

There is still plenty of frigates hitting the surface all around Sydney harbour. I’ve got most blind casting  with small surf candy’s.  Grab your polloriods and wade the sand flats not only will you have your chance at the usual species like bream,flathead and whiting.  You will also notice mackerel tearing around as well.

It wont be long until the Salmon schools make there pressance know but there is still plenty of species worth targeting in Sydney harbour right now.

Water temps are still hovering around 20-21c and the wind and tides are looking good for the coming week.

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Flyboat fishing charters Sydney Flyboat fishing charters Sydney Flyboat fishing charters Sydney

Sydney snapper