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Flyboat fishing charters Sydney harbour

Brandon’s day out

Sydney Harbour fishing report – 19 April 2019

The full moon and school holidays…. if there was ever a combination that could shut down fishing for kingfish in Sydney harbour then this is it. Whilst the week leading into the holiday period could only be described as epic – every mark produced fish – maybe not legal kings but more than enough for good sport.

Then came the school holiday hordes and the waxing gibbous moon. Amazing fishing had been replaced with hard work and long hours sitting on marks. Schools of ambivalent kings following flies, baits and other offerings, all to no avail.

The good news now is the waxing moon is now a waning moon and a lot of fishos seem to have taken there boats on holidays to try other waters. So there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming week.

Saltwater flyfishing this week.

With so many fish still in the harbour  (although tough) we still had some success over the past week. The stand out flies are heavily weighted bait patterns in dark green and  large articulated squid patterns, in orange or darker colours.  Blue and white clousers fished slowly on intermediate lines around sandy drop offs are producing loads of flathead and the occasional soapy.

Most markers and the usual boat hulls are holding fish. The key to success is a long enough cast to entice a bite before seeing the boat. Be systematic and fish the surface first then lower and lower until you get the bite or follow.

On bait.

As always fresh is good but live is best, squid were being picky over the last week. I suspect that had more to do with angler pressure than their tastebuds. For kings the first prize for the average rat was live yakka’s. Along with kingfish, large bonito and oversized flathead have been nailing the humble yellow tail.  As always burley burley burley for success.

Catch of the week

Big shout out to Travis from Oz jet boating. After dropping off some clients. Travis was heading back under the harbour bridge when he noticed some debris on the water. Being the environmentally conscious guy that he is. He went over to clean it up. Only to notice it disappear and reappear.  Upon closer inspection he finds a fishing rod and to his amazement there is a fish on the other end. Without getting into the legalities of fishing under the harbour bridge. He then proceeded to fight and land a nice kingfish. A quick photo for evidence and the lucky fish is released unharmed. It only gets better because not far away he gets speaking to a fisherman and is told of a boat who lost a rod. He tracks down the boat and the rod is returned to it’s  astonished owner. ? Travis #mahimahimarine


Flyboat fishing charters Sydney harbour

Travis’ Harbour Bridge king

Book your next charter now.

There’s plenty of action to be had so if you want to try your luck sport fishing on Sydney Harbour contact me, Flyboat fishing charters,  on 0422 709 139 and I will try my best make your next day on the water an experience you will never forget.

Be safe on the water and check the weather. and tides

P.s. WAXING GIBBOUS: Just after the First Quarter Moon, when we can see exactly half of the face of the Moon illuminated, the intermediate phase called Waxing Gibbous Moon starts. … Gibbous refers to the shape, which is less than the full circle of a Full Moon, but larger than the semicircle shape of the Moon at Third Quarter (definition care of time and date dot com )