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Flyboat fishing charters Sydney harbour

Dane’s first kingfish on fly

Sydney Harbour fishing report – 3 April 2019.

I  say this every week in my Sydney Harbour fishing report, but how awesome is fishing right now on Sydney Harbour. There might not be big numbers of huge fish but there are huge numbers of decent fish that will get your adrenaline pumping – and make memories for a lifetime.

Its been all about flyfishing his week.  I’ve heard the FADs have been a little quiet as well as the outer reefs . Bottom bashing around the Foul grounds has produced good mowies, flathead and snapper.  Water temps in the harbour are now sitting between a balmy 22 and 23.5 depending on tide and location.

Saltwater flyfishing top method this week.

I can only describe flyfishing on Sydney Harbour this week as amazing! I might be a bit biased but it seems if you want to catch kingfish in Sydney harbour at the moment, then get a fly rod.  I’ve found every mark and good structure is holding fish, and right now, and with loads of fisherman using every known tactic the fly seems to be getting more fish. Mind you, last week was a bit the opposite!

Following the pattern for the last few weeks, the action  seems to be taking place in the lower 1/4 of the water column. I’ve found big bulky weighted fly’s with plenty of movement are the key!  You don’t have to cast too far you just need to get that fly right to the bottom. The faster you can get the fly down, the more chance you have of getting the fish.

Mix it up for maximum success.

My advice is to mix up your retrieve. Today, I found a short snappy retrieve with occasional 2 sec pauses were being smashed. While yesterday I caught more with a fast, continuous retrieve was the key.  Like I said, try to mix it up until you find what the fish want that day. My fly selection has moved away from surf candies to large articulated squid, weighted bombers and anything big with a lot of action. Colour choice has been interesting.  I’ve found fluoro pinks and green were on every time today while for the last few days white and tan took the prize. I think the success of high viz flies is related to the influx of storm water. My tip of the week is always have some outrageous fluoro flies stashed in your box – you just never know.

Although most of the action has been happening deep, I did hear a rumour  of fly poppers getting the attention of kings in some Sydney Harbour backwaters. I’ve found surface action is still to be had if you’re in the right place at the right time. I look for places at low tide where bait schools can be trapped against sand bars or other structure. When cornered the bait will dash for the safety of deeper water providing a great feeding opportunity for the kings. My advice is don’t be afraid to try something different.

Overall I’ve had a great week of fishing for kingfish on Sydney Harbour.  I’ve found the average size is up and with that their power rating – keep cool and focused, and that bend in your rod will put you in paradise.

Book your next charter now.

There’s plenty of action to be had so if you want to try your luck sport fishing on Sydney Harbour contact me, Flyboat fishing charters,  on 0422 709 139 and I will try my best make your next day on the water an experience you will never forget.

Be safe on the water and check the weather. and tides

Flyboat fishing charter Sydney harbour

Hold on!

Cheers and tight lines, Stephen.