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Sydney Harbour fishing report. Fly Fishing Sydney Harbour and the full moon.

Every month I promise I will never again fish for Kingfish on the full moon. Fly fishing for kingfish is painful, the fish were there, but too shy for even the best fly. First thing in the morning you have a chance. But as that day drags on the only hint of hope comes from the occasional school showing up on the fish finder. You keep telling yourself that the next cast can change everything. Even as the other fisherman power past on the way back home. You hold on to the belief that your fish is just a cast away. But as that sun sets so does the fire inside you, leaving you nothing but the same question you asked yourself last month….

I’m not claiming to know for a fact anything solid about Kingfish and moons, or to even try to understand the ins and outs of their behavour. But the anecdotal  evidence from all fly fisherman I spoke with over the weekend. Tells a tale of long hours for nothing more than the occasional tap. There were some very experienced anglers amongst the mix and a wide variety of flies and techniques tried. So I’m going to be bold and call out the full moon.

I don’t even think it’s anything radical like the  moon’s gravity pulling on the fishes otoliths, causing them to lose their appetite. No from my very simple amateurish observations and discussions I think the fish can simply feed all night. Therefore by sunrise the bellies are full and instead of being ravaging hunters of the oceans, they simply become picky, choosey and a pain in the you know where. Maybe the bait just turns off on a full moon. Maybe they just fast.

I know from experience that bait has a slightly better chance than fly but even the best guys with the best techniques said their bites were all very subtle and the hook up rates were definately down. That being said I saw some amazing fish being caught and released by guys down-rigging fresh and live baits.

I guess i’m writing this after my least succsesful day fly fishing all month. And just to throw a 16 ounce sinker at my theory, I should also mention that the week before a full moon can be amazing fishing. Which brings us back to the many questions and theories that come up every time we have a full moon.

Flyboat fishing charters Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour Fishing Report

In this week’s Sydney Harbour fishing report… There’s loads of good size trevally in the harbour at the moment. Just find a wreck or nice sandy drop off, get a burley trail going, send some unweighted pilchards down the trail and you should hook up in no time. You can use a sinker to get it down faster, but unweighted baits will land the bigger fish. Be prepared for a battle because this fish has some serious power. They also are great for sashimi.

Still plenty of oversized kingfish inside the harbour, but what’s lurking just outside the heads has me excited! There are large school of baitfish and small slimies everywhere.  These fish are being harassed by striped tuna and bonito up to 1  meter. They can be taken on surf candies or small stick baits. But hold on these fish mean business.

Then there’s the schools of salmon working from Shelly Beach all the way to Old Mans Hat. Just spectacular amount of life out there. Things are looking good for summer.

For tide and weather information check out Willy weather.

The water temp is creeping back up with the harbour averaging 17c and slightly warmer just outside. Should be exciting times ahead as it gets back into the low 20’s.

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