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Sydney Harbour kingfish

Sydney Harbour fishing report

In Sydney Harbour the transition from winter fishing to summer fishing has definitely thrown up some challenges for anglers. The fish are there in big numbers, salmon, tailor,  bonito and kingfish are smashing the surface everywhere. But some days you can literally be surrounded by fish on the surface for hours and not get a single hookup. At least its not me, I get to watch everyone thrashing their lures and flies around and no one can hook up – it’s like the fish are on to us!

After trying to work out what they’re into (eating) the next challenge can be hooking up in a transit zone and having to fight a kingy while you’re travelling six knots in the opposite direction! But whether you hook up or not, either way it’s great fun to be out there witnessing the amazing urban fishery in Sydney Harbour.

On fly.

It’s been a challenge over the last month. I’ve spent hours watching schools busting up in the harbour and aside from some special spots I haven’t been able to really figure out what they’re eating… one though is the last new moon got the jelly prawn running – and that’s all they would eat.

Even the salmon have been a challenge. If you haven’t hooked up before the sun gets up good luck trying. It seems like they’re super line-wary after 2 months of being smashed. I’ve had better luck drift-trolling/swinging flies than constantly casting and retrieving… that being said if you are there at the right time you can hook up one after the other. How fickle is this fishery!

On bait.

Live yakkas are killing it right now. There are plenty about and they have definitely been on the menu for the bigger fish hunting the harbour. The squid have been slow most days but always a great bait when all else fails.

Jewfish seem to be everywhere right now. And it seems a few anglers have been losing a lot of fish! I’ve seen lots dead jewfish floating between Garden Island and Clark Island, some with long lengths of of line attached. And all good size fish around the 80 cm mark. I wonder why they died? Maybe they’re breaking off set lines? Anyway it’s  very important to fish the tides and have your well presented baits out for the golden hour before and after slack water. With fresh or live baits there is a very good chance of picking up a good jewfish right now. Look for bait fish on the sounder and the larger predators won’t be far away.

Did you loose this fish?

On lures

I’ve come to respect the humble vibes fish-catching ability. From large flathead to jewfish the 100 mm 20 g  Samaki vibes are just awesome right now. Fished vertically on a slow drift the fish really can’t seem to help them self’s. Just make sure you set that hook hard on the initial hookup or you discover just how hard a jewfish mouth is when it spits the hook and gets away mid-fight.

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