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Joe’s first kingy

Sydney harbour fishing report.

Happy new year to all the anglers out there from Flyboat fishing charters! And if you haven’t got your first fish of 2020 there has never been a better time to get out there! It’s been a while between reports here at Flyboat fishing charters but its been non stop over the Christmas holiday period. I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone that has fished with us over the last year, it’s been amazing.  I’ve had a blast fishing with everyone and am looking forward to many more to come.

Sydney Harbour over the last month has not disappointed! Even with the extra boats on the water the fish still hung around and gave everyone a chance to test there knots and gear against the backdrop of the world’s most scenic metropolitan waterway.

Kingfish, Australian salmon, large flathead, pan size snapper…. everything seems to be in the harbour right now. Whilst it’s still fishing well, the first day of a southerly can have you hanging your head in shame – but most days if your fly, lure, or bait are in the right place at the right time there is a very good chance of hooking a memorable fish.

On fly.

On fly, it’s been a tough month. But things are starting to turn around with small kingfish beginning  to hang around the markers in the main harbour and moored boats in middle harbour. However, surface action has been missing – but with salmon, tailor and slimy mackerel now spread out around the harbour we should start to get longer than 30 sec blasts of action before the fish disappear into the depths.

For kingfish you can’t go past the trusty articulated squid fly, fished on the surface or deep down they are almost always a winner.  Small chartreuse clousers have been successful for a range of fish from Australian salmon, to kingfish and flathead. Find the bait and you’re in with a chance.

On lure.

I’m still loving Sumaki soft vibes. They’re worth the money in the confidence it inspires so flathead and jewfish watch out!  For the kingfish my favourite is the Silstar slap stick 6 inch in white! It’s so much fun watching these get chased down and aggressively nailed.

On bait.

Quality has been key over the holiday period. The best of the best is fresh caught squid. Arrow or green eye calamari. If you had these in your kit you could almost guarantee a catch. That said, getting the squid can be a bigger challenge than getting the fish. There are a lot of smaller squid out there and they are tuned into smaller jigs (up to 1.8) at the moment. Fish around the edges with rock and weed and you will eventually find a squid or two. If you are looking for the bigger squid try a paternoster rig with squid jigs in deeper water while you drift.

With squid being a challenge, I’ve been turning one squid into 6 baits, simple running sinker to 5/0 circle hook. Just pinned once through the centre on the top of the strip. Although super simple it’s effective. And fished unweighted in a burley trail is dynamite. If you’ve ever seen kingies hit a bait ball they always come back for the bits they smash up on the way through. I’m guessing they just want fresh morsels!


Daily weather reports for the harbour from Willy Weather.

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