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Monster salmon

Dave’s big salmon on fly

Happy new year!

A happy new year to all our post readers. We’re looking forward to a great start to the 2022 fishing season. Finally a bit of summer has arrived with hot days and nights. Keep your cool on on the water and at the boat ramps!  As the silly season draws to a close the holiday/weekend warriors pack up there boats and head back to the office, while we’re looking forward to continuing our bumper summer on the water.

Weather and tides

Fresh water storm flows sre still coming in from all of the tributaries. The baitfish are still growing in numbers and size, and so too are the predators.

Water temps are high with help from La Niña which is bringing plenty of both sharks and tropical species into the harbour.

Squidding has been a little slow but use small jigs and try plenty of spots and you should be fine. A bonus is the kings are struggling to find the squid too so they have no hesitation in taking small yakkas.

With the big tides over Christmas now starting to flatten out, fingers crossed the fishing will continue to improve as the moon phases lead into a well deserved week of good hook ups.

Kingfish and salmon

Kingfish have been slow over the holidays but the saving grace for sport fishers has been the size and quality of the salmon still holding in good numbers in the harbour. Although moving fast, and continuing to be fussy, when you get the hookup they put up a bruising fight that will bring a smile to the fussiest fisher.

Key to getting the bite on fly is tiny flashless surf candy fluis on line strengths no greater than 10lb. Get in front of the school and get that fly right in front of the feeding fish for the best chance of a hook up. Want more tips? Check out my salmon chat with Scott Levi host of ABC’s Big Fish.


On the spin gear, tiny metals on light leaders are a must.  The salmon should take small sugerpens and other surface poppers but it depends on their mood. The outgoing tides seem to be the best time and they can be found from Garden Island all the way to the Sow and Pigs reef. And for an added bonus hold on tight for the occasional king that will come out from the deep and take your offering.

There are a lot of good flathead and flounder about too. Key to a consistent catch is to find the bait and  fish with light leaders.

Depending on the depth you’re fishing don’t be afraid to burley up – and I definitely get best results from fishing unweighted pillie cubes. Again,  bycatch will be small rat kings and large salmon – so hold on.

On the fly

As well as salmon and bream, flathead can be a great target species on fly too so pull out your 6-8 wt gear with intermediate lines and work the sandy drop offs or weed edges with medium weight clousers, I prefer blue and white but as always chartreuse is a killer colour for the harbour.

The next few months should be an amazing time for fishing in the harbour so call me on 0403 381 875, and fingers crossed for a fish of a lifetime.

Cheers, Stephen.

Kingfish on fly