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Flyboat fishing charters Sydney harbour

Sydney harbour kingfish

Need a Sydney Harbour Fishing Boat Charter? Call us on 0422709139.  Sydney Harbour just keeps producing excellent sport fishing right now. Even after A big dump of rain that turned middle harbour into a used timber yard for a few days, and a full moon which make them shy or more interested in other things.The fish still wanted to play. Not to mention the unusual numbers of sharks harassing hooked fish too.

The key to good catch rates this week was to hunt, keeping on the move covering new water until we found the fish. There has been a definate trend towards the main harbour this week with bait and birds working large area followed closely by the pelagic predators.

Surface action fly fishing on Sydney Harbour was a little bit slower, but fast sinking lines and size 6 blue Surf Candy produced plenty of kings over the week. Packs of large tailor were taking just about anything chucked at them. In front of Washaway Beach was a definite a hotspot. A few Frigate Mackerel have moved in but were only interested in the smallest of bait patterns. Salmon were mixing with bonito and were excellent sport as usual.

Soft plastics fished on the bottom are being nailed by flounder, flathead and just about everything else down there at the moment with most of the sandy flats and drop offs producing good sizes and quantities of fish . Keeping the jig head as light as possible for the conditions and work it’s slow has been paying the highest dividends.

Live baiting and down-rigging is the still the go-to method for those who are chasing big trophies. Live or fresh squid still the prime bait although there has been good success on slimies and yellowtail. For those on light gear, chicken thigh cut in small strips was nailing bream, flathead and whiting. I don’t bother with cheese and garlic marinade but if u have the time I hear it can be worth it!

Big spring tides with a 1.8 metre range on Thursday and plenty of current with today’s full moon. It should all settle down over the next week with a half metre range on the 27th.

Get fishing today book your next experience with Flyboat fishing charters. We make fishing fun and easy. Just  turn up and let us do the rest.