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What happened to summer? Autumn leaves are falling…. and we’re permitted to run fishing charters, but with some special rules. Mainly, only one passenger (unless you’re already living in the same household), and social distancing rules apply. I get the stern, you get the bow – and we all stay safe.

Fishing is spectacular at this time of year. Salmon are busting up everywhere and were literally jumping in the boat last week. Kingies are not that easy, but we’re still getting a few in the boat on fly and lure.

A new moon at the moment with smaller tides so the fish are on all day (or they’re not!), and we’ve got good tides all week. With a full moon, the bigger tides can make it a bit more tricky.

But the biggest influence on fishing at the moment is the warm tropical water pushing down the east coast. They’re really pushing hard and are not the best for fishing conditions.

Water temperatures off Sydney


That brown smudge off Sydney is 22 degrees right now. Bath water!

BOM oceanography forecasts



More coming soon – just so happy to back on the water!