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Kingfish Sydney Harbour

Winter Kingfish Sydney Harbour

Winter has arrived!

Every year we forget our sub tropical blue water will be replaced with a cool southern fresh green water. Tempatures around the harbour plummet from a balmy average of 21 degrees centigrade to as low as 14 degrees in the back of the estuary. No surprise then that the fish can take time to adjust to these new conditions and even then their metabolism slows to a point where they may only eat a few times a week.

Kingfish for example definitely became more lethargic. The difference in the fight is noticeable, a summer king will go manic in its attempt to escape capture whilst the same fish in winter will have 50% of the energy of its summer-self. Of course that’s all based on my experiences so no doubt there are exceptions to the rule.

Sydney Harbour Squid

Sydney Harbour Squid

It’s all about the kingfish in winter – and they can be less tricky than in summer. But to get the bigger specimens you will still need to be on your game and have the best flies – or some fresh squid or cuttlefish. If you’re lucky enough to be there on a day where they kings are ravenous then sure you’re frozen squid might have a chance. But if you want to catch big fish consistently you have to catch squid first! I see it all the time on the water. The guys with the bait catch and the guys without scratch their heads and wonder what they’re doing wrong. It’s really not rocket science it’s just bait and presentation. As frustrating as it is if you want to catch a good kingfish you will need to catch a squid. And if that takes 3-4 hrs well that’s the price for a good kingfish. That’s my free hot tip – if you want to know how to do it, book a charter!

Sydney Harbour Kingfish

Best Kingfish Ever







But enough about kingfish because winter doesn’t just come with big seas and high winds, it also brings us the some of the most underrated and exciting fishing opportunities out there. I’m talking about big drummer, and many other species… don’t put away your Stella’s because stopping a big drummer will have  you questioning why you spend three hrs for one squid only to be picked apart on your first location. These winter drummer are big solid fish that have no problem taking you into the nearest hole or piece of structure and doing you over in seconds. Even when you think you’re safe you  can’t relax because they won’t give up. With by-catch such as grouper, bream, luderick (and some a couple of pests), you will wonder if this is too good to be true! Also it’s scientifically proven that watching  a float or indicator is the most mentally focusing activity on earth 😁. When followed by the excitement and pure energy of a hook-up, a four hour drummer trip will feel like yoga turning into a Formula 1 start grid! Get in touch today to be part of the action.

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